Monday, July 5, 2010

to you...mother

thank you, mother 
for being a mother
to have courage and strength
to love and cherish
to remain firm and patience.
you care less about yours
need and necessity
dream and hobby
love and desire
just by being you for me.
your caring and sharing are infinity
fearless turning harmful to harmless
your goodness and benevolence
never have and end.
you feel proud for being you for me
healing the pain
smile to make me smile
lending your shoulder for me to cry 
share the moment of happiness
feel the feeling of sadness.

no credit resemblance
nothing compares
to your kindness
to you
for being you

just for me.


1 comment:

ctpayong said...

the love that never tell
the love that never spell

handphone aku xde kompas