Tuesday, June 8, 2010

we are created unique

Allah SWT sends down water (rain) from the sky,
and the valleys flow according to their measure
[Qur'an 13 : 17]
" There is none more miserable
than the one who grows up not being himself,
who grows up imitating others in appearance and thought." - Angelo Battero.
This indicates that :
each and everyone of us has his/her own talents,
abilities and idiosyncrasies.
We were created with restricted means and abilities
that will serve to accomplish to that very specific and limited goal.
Read, study ourself
and than we will know ourself
thus we will then know our mission in life.
As life is more than destiny. It is an art of journey.


sI tEDI said...

keindahan alam

ctpayong said...

ted, jadi tak nak dtg tengok "keindahan alam & durian" kat kebun aku?

handphone aku xde kompas