Thursday, August 26, 2010

to all malaysian, happy merdeka day on august 31, 2010.



first, let me introduce myself. years back, i am a focused and creative modern career woman. being in technical and engineering field, i had to adore good health and strong mentality. jovial and happy go lucky are two significant characters embedded in me since youth. that is why and where i met and knew many kind of people and make friend with them regardless age and male of female.
the beam that pass through

i agreed to take up my early retirement in consideration and due to respect at my husband request. he had asked me to look after his mother which is my mother-in-law due to elderly. during that time, i am really busy looking after her until sometime i think i need 25 hours a day instead of 24. year 2008 she had rest in peace. as for me now, having ample of time that i have long for before. but after sometime, bored bothering me very much.
seeing true
and now, here i am enjoy reading and writing blogs all over the world. even i am not IT knowledge, blogging has teach me a lot of how to share thoughts and feeling on all aspects of life lives. i realize that i am not alone even though i am all the time at home. enjoy cooking just by sharing and learning them from other blogger. enhance and improvise my hobby of gardening and writing just by sharing it here.
the tree, the sky and the roof
i knew now that i am not alone even i am at home and could still be extremely enjoyable and knowledgeable too. thank you to Allah and to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed for making Malaysian IT Knowledgeable.
to all Malaysian, Happy Merdeka Day on August 31, 2010. and to me, " happy birthday hanna!"

p/s : i am glad...i am here now.

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